• We offer wheel alignments on all vehicles from small automobiles, lifted 4 wheel drives, semi-trucks, Trailers, cranes, etc.
  • Steering and suspension repairs including; king Pins, Tie rods, Steering gears and pumps, Springs, walking beams, Mack camel back suspensions, rear air ride suspensions, all trailer suspensions, etc., and we are a Hendrickson pro genuine service facility
  • Brake repairs (from the air compressors, air valves, brake chambers,slack adjusters,s cams, drums, rotors, and to the foundation brakes themselves)
  • Driveline, differential, and rear axle repairs. Replacement of u-joints, mid-shaft bearings, yokes, tubing and balancing drive-lines, everything from differential swaps to complete rear hosing replacements
  • Machine and press work:  We turn flywheels, make u-bolts, press bushings for walking beams, trunion bushings, torque rods, trunion shafts, all rear suspension bushings (including trailer bushings), We can even sleeve damaged front axle eyes with our Stemco axle pro equipment 
  • Frame Straightening with top of the line Bee-line equipment. We handle the tough collisions and restore damaged vehicles back to there original condition. Also, we straighten front axles and rear housings which is safe, reliable, and a lot more cost effective and than a replacement.
  • Frame rail replacement,frame stretching,and shortening. Also complete suspension swaps and the installation of lift axles
  • Ride solutions for overloaded vehicles. We build up leaf spring suspensions for vehicles carrying welders, crains, or bodys too heavy for the suspension
  • Yes, we balance tires with our state of the art Hunter road force matching balancer or high speed on the vehicle strobe balance. Also, we offer tire truing if you have a couple of tires that need shaving because of an out of round condition
  • We replace wheel bearings, wheel seals, wheel studs, and wheels
  • And we do have a parts Department: We stock: Springs, Pins, supension bushings (urethane and rubber) , brass bushings, hangers, shocks, tie rodends and tubes, king pins, draglinks, u-joints, wheel bearings, wheel seals, u-bolts, air bags, wheels, clutches, head light assemblies, grills, bumpers, sleeper mattresses, etc. 

Our customers satisfaction is the first priority



We have two locations to serve your needs


1317 cedar grove rd.    and     4271 transport city drive

Conley, Ga. 30288                Conley, Ga. 30288

About Us

The owner is a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran that is humbled and honored to serve customers of the Atlanta area. Our business has grown since 2004 and we are very thankful for God's blessings.  Psalm 9:1

Our Goal

To provide our customers with top notch service. Striving for excellence on every vehicle that is repaired. 


Our company is just like a family. Looking out for each other whether at work or home.